A new book done and the weather's still bad

I now finished the Cake House and the Baby Feet. The Cake House is for my shelf and the Baby Feet in Heart are for a friend of my daughter who is very pregnant at the moment! I have started to compile the different techniques for Book Folding and, of course, have to create an example for each technique. I now worked out how to create my own patterns with Excel (still my favourite Software) and can fold any brilliant idea I might have without haveing to buy a pattern on Etsy, which is great. Although Etsy is a great source for Patterns, supplies and ideas. Anyway, I wish everyone a great weekend, a big hug to my dear friend Jyoti - it's her birthday today. Check out my other book Projects (you'll find them in on this website under "Book Folding"  and get in touch if you feel inspired to fold a book of your own, I love seeing other people's projects.

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